Sunday, July 21, 2019

Max calls

Newbie ready to go
Train 22 turns into train 7. Train 7 turns into train 1 and train 1 turns into train 90😂😂
Left his bike and his wallet
Junk train
Man has handmade bow
No portable
Kids on tactile
Can’t lock bathroom

Woman breaks window
Follow my instructions doofus
How do they remember all this shit
Bus makes max hard stop
Always trespassing
Rock thrown at train
Cancel the signal please
Rail buddy vs paddle
They were looking for meteors
Always trespassing

So friggen complicated
Pick up the trespasser
Bus blocking
Junk train
Light rail fails
Light rail fails
Jumped by 4 people
Monitors always screwing up
Take the bus. Walk a mile
Extra operator riding the train
Medical emergency

Passed out on train 26
No bell
Build more
Fail fail and fail
Really weird jolt
Red knob
Send ambo
Dispossessed to close to track
Passenger emergency

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