Thursday, July 11, 2019

The wisdom of Neal Berlin

From right to left( just like if you were reading Hebrew). STEP ONE. The two ladies:I am not sure I want to take the step into management. What do you have to loose? Your soul?
STEP TWO. Now that I am in management, I must figure a way the higher ups will notice me, then promote me. I got it! Institute a daily sock inspection ( note this actually done by TriMet)!
STEP THREE. What now? I ask myself more than once a day. I come to work everyday and make sure no one finds out I really do nothing. That does take a lot of work! I do eat lunch, that counts for something.
STEP FOUR. Now that I am this high up on the management ladder, the options for me are few. Admit this quest was a mistake, and make amends with the underlings I have offended? Retreat to a easier option, carry on and and ask for forgiveness in the next life. Still mulling the options. The young man heading upward, is sophomoric enough to proceed. Just waiting for grey hair to give him the appearance of a sage. So it goes... Two Bells.

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