Thursday, July 11, 2019

Trimet light rail max action control calls

somebody urinated all over the seats and floor
Keep it off the air
Max operator getting too many rider questions
Transit police blocking max

Train 85 STOP. switches messed up again
FIGHT AT LIBRARY-I need permission to roll back-negative
Trains everywhere and all backed up
Max mayhem smoking on train
Balloon could be dangerous

Somebody has to go hand throw the switch
Throw the switch by hand. Modern technology. What junk
Trying to figure it out why the switch doesn’t work
Fit check ordered. Operator not happy about it
Gate arms didn’t come down
Doors messed up.
“I just need you to do what I asked” says controller
‘I have propulsion ‘
Pull back to the platform. All kinds of max messes
I have a door cut out which one is that. I don’t know. Also signals fail
Switch out of correspondence. As usual
Door fail. It’s kings hill only
Fire department doesn’t usually cooperate with this sort of thing
He’ll get off ladder when train comes
Everybody is running late
Snug and tug fail
Cut out the prop container
Train is a piece of junk but propulsion came back
My key is stuck in the console
Something in the track, looks like an umbrella
He’s taking this giant cart on here, Control says get going but she’s gonna get out
Signal fail

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