Saturday, July 13, 2019

Trimet light rail calls

Rolling through and door holders
🐄 get ➡️
Belligerent send cops
Water pouting out of max riders need free showers anyway
Pool of urine
Full house at PDX
Woman starts fire on max platform

Prop fail dynamic brake fail. The usual bullshit
Big bag over running rail
Need pressure washing sooner than later
Ticket machine steals riders money
It’s really really bad tonight
Max fail
Max door fail
Handicapped button fail. Also gas cans
Mylar balloon

I am 54 minutes late
Junk max doors. Why do they have so much trouble with those
Young lady crying hysterically banging her head on the wall
Dead max
SUnshade needs duct tape
Max camera fail
Hvac fail
I need police here he’s slinging stuff around
Feces in the middle of platform

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