Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Bus calls

They need your bus back
Junk printer
Door torture
Loud verbal
P.a. Alley
She’s inhaling some stuff
Natural gas smell
Out of gas

Missed the turn
2 different vehicles hit mirror
Crash. P.a.
Who needs headsigns and run it late
Missed the turn
Manager takes her OFF THE ROAD
F word and N word

Cloud of bees
Bus seat injuring driver
Bus rider abusing driver
Leaking bags
Relief is late. Big deal
Bus shelter missing
Bad brakes
Unsafe bus drivers seat
Too hot..go back...

Paddle vs cad
Missed the turn
P.a. And she’s off route
Missed the turn
Missed the layover
Wheelchair ramp switch fail
Car rolled over on max tracks
Call out the buses
Bus 17 cancelled

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