Friday, July 19, 2019

Bus calls

Herb Hansen
Teens climbing light poles
Riders say bus driver is related to scarecrow in wizard of ozz
Kid lying in the middle of sidewalk
Bus driver accused of running red
Bus involved
Man completely covered himself up
Can smell exhaust
Sounds like someone fell
Customer service complaint on bus driver
He keeps sticking his tongue out and in

He’s not a decision maker
Bad area
Car behind me got rear ended
She fell to her knees
Printer ruining drivers day
Screaming meltdown
 Can I go home now-people not getting picked up

I have a situation
Loud verbal
Bus 20 is blocked
Woman falls
Man distracting bus driver

Crazy man in wheelchair tried to hurt driver
Yamhill transit closed on Sunday
Missed the turn
Man not obeying white shirt
Bus driver tortured by faulty equipment
Who needs head signs
Man hitting woman

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