Friday, March 25, 2011


These fascists continue to put forth the argument that capturing a dispatch communication, which is broadcast over open airwaves, which anyone can listen to and record from, is the same thing as me taking my personal video camera and walking around Trimet property on or off duty, taping people without permission!
This is complete bullshit and a flagrant bogus interpretation of my first letter of expectations!
I was never told that public domain material was off limits, as a matter of fact a former Trimet executive told me that what I was doing was perfectly within the limits of Trimet policy!



Chris Day said...

Your grievance is not filled out correctly and the scope of TriMet's reach is not being questioned like it should be.

Anonymous said...

Am in general agreement with Chris, as the entire policy should be challenged as unenforcable and unconstitutional. On to Step 3.

Anonymous said...

a) Trimet has no legal authority to regulate or penalize any employee for off-duty, Constitutionally protected behavior. They can no more put a "letter of expectation" in your file or other discipline for your blogging activity that utilizes no Trimet time or resources than they can do so for you holding up a sign saying "fuck Obama's war".

b)You have been accused of creating a "hostile work environment". You have a right to face your accuser and to be made aware of specific charges and evidence supporting them. Was this operator harassed? Ridiculed? Was it by you?

At any rate, no operator has an expectation - reasonable or othewise - that over the air communications are confidential privileged, or otherwise protected communication.

Max said...

... also the letter from HR re: Ellen Fox clearly stated that you cannot create a "hostile workplace" when you are not at work, not using work-owned equipment, not on company time.

You might want to ask HR what they think about this - maybe they will come out on your side. I would phrase it as "Could you please clarify as to why what you said in this letter does not also apply to my situation?"

Max said...

It seems like operations and HR understand things differently.