Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An Interview with Martín González from TriMet


Max said...

The part I found most interesting was when Martín discussed the differences between riding public transportation in Latin America vs on TriMet. He said the biggest difference is that people from Latin America are used to having a conductor on board to pay their fare to, and who will offer change. With MAX you need to have already purchased fare before you get on; and on the bus the driver does not carry change - there is only a fare box. If you put too much money in the fare box then you will not get back any change. They also discussed how TriMet is an "open system" which means that (i.e. for MAX) there isn't necessarily someone not permitting you to board if you haven't paid.

Of course lots of other general stuff as well (cost of fares, buying prepaid tickets, monthly passes, using the trip planner online, etc).

Al M said...

Thanks for that Max!

Anonymous said...

Martin is a BUM, he has never done anything of value for the community he claims to serve

He has basically made a living intimidating and accusing of racism anyone who does not agree with him

His title is as ridiculous as he is. He is in the board of Portland School District dictating how we our kids should be educated when he could not educate his own

He is a fraud !!!!

Al M said...

Regarding the comment that "Martin is a bum, etc".
Can you provide any factual information to back up that accusation?