Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Proposed MAX ad to replace the "WES Works!" ads


Anonymous said...

Uh, if hundreds of newer buses are indeed not being used, why are there still so many old ones in service?

Al M said...


Anonymous said...

TriMet Bus Division slogans:
We Love the 90's! (almost 200 buses built before 1994 still in operation)
'This bus is smokin' hot!' (literally, it could be on fire)
'Let us lift you up' (and hope the lift doesn't jam)
'Here for the long haul' (This 1989 Gillig can last another 10 years!!)

Erik H. said...

Anonymous #1: It's a play on an old bumper sticker TriMet used to put on the buses:

"207 cars are at home because this bus is on the road."

pstanley92 said...

Don't y'all know that they just can't swap federal money for light rail projects to operations? Law doesn't allow them to do it. Don't be hatin' on TriMet for something they have no control over.

But there is hope:

pstanley92 said...