Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Janked rats cried for blood and the prosthetic hand of love waved good-bye to reason

Luckily for the rat keepers of global capitalism, they have little to fear when it comes to American moths being attracted to the candle of reason. Reason is boring stuff in a nation -- and increasingly, a world -- whose cultural glue is television, and whose main diversion is profoundly simplified emotionalism and conflict. In fact, in the American rat race, reason is not only a fatal weakness, but is also generally unavailable to a people who stay janked every waking moment, ready to take on the next rat, then go home and watch more rats do each other in on television, in a steady diet of visible conflict, both overt an implied. Given that the human nervous system is programmed to respond instantly to conflict, there simply is no mental space left for much quiet thought to take root. Not when your nation's cultural values resemble those of Tamerlain or Aleric the Goth -- tribal, hierarchical, aggressive and acquisitive.
Whether in Belize or America, neither the owners of government nor their subset of social and financial managers are going to respond to any well reasoned, socially beneficial cause unless they are forced to do so -- with emphasis on the word force. Social progress and a humane environment is antithetical to the success of the owning and governing classes -- both being exactly the same thing in a nation whose Constitution is essentially a guarantee of the rights of property. 

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