Thursday, April 28, 2011


You may remember Chris Day did an excellent post about a safety hazard on his route 4. If you missed it you can find it HERE!

He got the usual bullshit reply as us operators always do, here is his synopsis:

So they are keeping the reroute as is and went this direction with it.

My first question is:
How does the regular cars that travel that street know that busses are allowed to travel the opposite way?

This is a perfect example about TriMet sticking to their set plan and not worry about the confusion it may cause. So rather than putting out bound routes on Wills and inbound routes on Arlington TriMet prefers to get permission from the City to go straight on a right turn only and to travel the wrong way on a single lane meant to go the opposite way. I am sure the residences that is use to the normal flow of traffic is enjoying this change. Unbelievable isn’t it…..

Now about the Safety Stop Sign…. It is one of our white and blue temporary stop signs that someone put up with the back side showing and had hand written with a sharpie “Bus Safety Stop” I will have to go and get a picture of it….

My final thought on this reply is that last part where it is stated that they will be adding an “except bus” to that right turn…. Why would they do that if this reroute expires on the 5th? Is this going to be the standard reroute used?

I must be missing something because I think it would have been a lot less confusing with the idea I have…. Plus as far as I can see no operator other than myself has done the “S” turn.

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