Thursday, April 28, 2011

Station Agent pursues harrassment agenda at Powell garage

It has been brought to my attention that there is a certain station agent at Powell garage who has been targeting particular operators. The station agent vigorously looks for violations for these operators.

In the latest case, an extra board operator called in for his work assignment for the next day. The station agent went out of his way to look up this operators paddle and found that he might have been on the road somewhere.

With that information the station agent "wrote up" the operator for cell phone us and the operator received a 5 day suspension.

It turned out that the operator was on the route but the bus was stopped and secured at the time of the cell phone call.

As is always the case with our current management the discipline meted out does not fit the crime. There was a "technical" violation of the rules but absolutely no safety hazard, however the suspension is being applied.

The obvious problem is how to deal with  power hungry station agents who go out of their way to find fault, and the executives who have no ethics.

Be wary operators, at all times, the executioner is looking for you next!

Trimet secrecy laws (aka HR rules) prohibit me from disclosing the name of the station agent.

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