Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"This bus does not go to PCC"

This morning I saw the YCTA 44 bus go by with their full-size Eldorado National Axess bus in a full body wrap for Portland Community College.

It appears that at the Tigard Transit Center that there's been some confusion over what that bus is, so YCTA made a small change. On the right side window next to the entry door is now a large YCTA logo, and underneath it are the words:

"This bus does not go to PCC".

Of course there's also the destination sign above it that reads "44 LINK" (or the inexplicable "45X Link Express", since YCTA's timetables don't even mention a line 45)...then "To Tigard via Newberg" (or "To McMinnville via Newberg"), and then the sign blanks out.

It reminds me of the timetables for TriMet's old 201 route (now 87s) which would state in big bold letters "This bus does NOT serve Portland International Airport, please use route 12S (or in later years, MAX Red Line)."

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