Sunday, April 22, 2012

TWEETS you won't see on the 'how we roll' blog

Almost go hit by two teenage girls in their mom's minivan. ? Haha they hit the trimet pole instead of my car tho.

just arrived at gresham tc on the 9, 5min ahead of schedule. Wonder if the driver flooring all the way here was the cause. Num 9-42.

u shoulda seen the way he pulled in at 136th (stop 4585). If I wasn't standing by a telephone pole, I fear I may have been hit.

You might want someone to check out the ticket machine on the west end of the Fair Complex station.

Dear , been waiting at stop 9825 for over an hour waiting for a train. What gives ?

First air conditioned bus I've been in this year. Thank you and thank you whoever-is-in-charge-of-the-weather. :)

You know it's a long hawthorne bridge lift when this happens now they say the bridge is stuck  

I love when busses are late in ways that benefit me. Now I might actually make it to work on time! Thanks  

TriMet today, part one: On the line 72, three young men make fun of a girl's body odor, one sings a song about showering.

TriMet today, part two: At the 14 stop, a smoking 30ish man tells off an elderly woman who'd asked him to step away from the shelter.

Nice of that driver to close the door on my ass

Shockingly the bus has not made terrible sounds and forced the driver to pour water & profanity on the engine.  

Glad to see realizes what doesn't: public services aren't islands; saving a little money isn't worth the overall cost

Hobos on the trimet are the worst,they smell like straight shit

This trimet bus driver js hauling ass... I like it:)

We waited at a freq service stop for 40+ minutes yesterday watching our tracker, two bus never showed

 Ugh, Trimet, why you lie to me?!

RT : " RT why do we pay for trimet when their service is so damn...yet fail to deliver a quality service"

agreed. Always a frustrating experience.

The funniest shit happens on trimet

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