Sunday, April 22, 2012

TWEETS you won't see on the 'how we roll' blog

 Lol @trimet sign at Broadway and Everett says stop closed and points to stop at Everett and park. Sign at Everett and park sends to Broadway

Ran out of all day Trimet passes today, stranger hands me a valid ticket right before I was going to buy one. #win

My commute: Bus to Clack TC, MAX to Beav TC, WES to Hall & Nimbus. It takes 2 hours, but I always feel like I got my $'s worth from Trimet.

@ehurtley @rdpollard @twd3lr I don't think he's used to mass transit yet. He comes from AR where they have 1 bus to service the entire state

Got yelled at to take a seat after getting up to get away from someone very smelly. Yay trimet. Need biking distance job.

@trimet: again, the 73 on 33rd nowhere to be found. was tracking--21 mins out, 8 mins out, walked to stop when 5 mins out... Vanished

awwww yeah yeah! extra #15 @trimet for @TimbersFC game gets me home early. _that's_ the way to do service, @trimet! _more_, not less.

This is what @trimet calls non-peak hours in the 12. Still packed, bow to stern. Shame they're cutting this line.

This #max sounds like it's falling apart! I have to cover my ears every time we come to a stop. Screeching under my seat. @trimet car 409a

#timbers fans: you will get to your 90 min singalong faster if you walk the 10 blocks to the field instead of cramming onto #trimet.

@trimet Simple request is for a comfortable commute. Someone shouting into their mobile phone from 7614 to 6333 is -not- comfortable.

@trimet Transit Tracker now saying 20 mins out. No bus showed and now kids are walking down from Alameda Ridge to get to Grant.

"the only job is to be yourself because all the other jobs are taken" wisdom on trimet bus #8

I love broken #TriMet fare machines on buses. #freeride

@trimet is constantly a shambles. Why tell me over and over that the 19 is coming when it so clearly is not. Infuriating. #onthe17instead

And I swear, if the @trimet digital team tells me to fill out their complaint form one more time, I will projectile vomit.

#KeepPortlandWeird The MALE driver of my bus is wearing the proper TriMet uniform SKIRT. Nice legs, dude.

@madpunch "giving someone a dollar on Trimet is like pulling out a pack of gum in class, they all start flocking" spoken like a true poet <3

Dickhead trimet cop, I bought a youth/student pass because I'm a student, doesn't matter if I'm 18.

@trimet #trimet for 2 days now bus 15 stop 5836 is not there for 344pm scheduled time as advised on your website

On trimet and a guy's rolling a cigarette #awkward #whatdowedo

Hey @trimet, five people on Hollywood Max platform, four smoking. Mind enforcing your rules or policing your property?

Giving the peace sign to the big security cameras on #TriMet buses cause you're the boss.

@pdxcommute Why is the 45 over 25 minutes late today? Talk about raining on my parade... Geesh! #trimet #itsalwayssomething

@pdxcommute Why is the 45 over 25 minutes late today? Talk about raining on my parade... Geesh! #trimet #itsalwayssomething

Just met Bob Williams, former chair of the Black Caucus of the Oregon Democratic Party. Real nice guy! Trimet Board member!

@trimet I helped take a group of 3rd graders on a field trip to & from downtown on the #4. Thanks for being so kind to us! Bus drivers ROCK!

@Trimet Saw someone at parkrose changing MAX maps. New stops?

I think TriMet could trim its budget by eliminating those complimentary Steel Reserves at every stop.

Thx for feedback RT @dieselboi: [re @car2go] I live close in and quick 5 min drive into downtown is cheaper than an @trimet ticket.

Waiting for trimet sucks.

@RobAlan It's fantastic. I always find a car within 2 blocks, drive to work, park anywhere, pay ~$2.10. Cheaper than a monthly Trimet pass.

Ugh RT @bananacave: @trimet kicked us all off the train @ sunset because windshield wipers don't work. Remind me why I pay $94 /mo for this?

@trimet Bus not late/full, jumping up and down in broad daylight, driver didn't even look toward stop = definitely contacting customer s ...

Just watched a stranger on the bus offer another stranger some chicken. #trimet

@trimet I think a Red line train has gone rogue, or it's invisible. Scheduling errors... oh, power outage, hmm.

Thanks @trimet for making me late to work. Said get of MAX, take a bus from sunset, problems downtown. Then said get back on..train gone. :(

Hey @trimet! Boarding a disabled passenger with safety ties adds 4-6 minutes to my commute. I hope LIFT doesn't disappear as an option.

@trimet It's especially disappointing because there were no public meetings held in southern Washington County. (at least that I heard of)

Yay #trimet! RT @debdawg007: @pdxcommute Max has actually been on time and efficient today! Better than sitting on 84 west bound.

Damn you @trimet! I was here on time, the 8:19 train was 2 minutes early! Ahh!

MAX driver is great! Makes announcements like a pilot, weather and time included. Hehehe. #trimet

Commuter learnings: @trimet bus flies by without even stopping. #62 at Murray and Teal. Sigh.

RT @nick_j_bacon: Rule 14 : Always check the seat is dry | also a #Trimet public transit rule to follow!

damn you trimet. you caught me.

Wow, 1st time #trimet bus almost passed me up at obvious stop. Then she called man, ie "didn't you see me coming, man!??!!" Yay #9.

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