Friday, September 4, 2015

Portland Mercury

Dear shitbag MAX operators, did you not see us that night? A busload of people, mostly women, trying to get home in the dark at Delta Park? You must have been busy listening to the radio in your cab, quite possibly hearing about the attempted abduction of a woman at a bus stop in Jantzen Beach two days before. Or maybe the bodies of murdered found everyday like trash on the sides of roads, but probably just the latest updates on Slim Jim Kardashian bullshit or PPD's falsified gang violence reports,. Screw you. We travel every night, no matter the weather, dealing with creeps looking up our skirts, sexually harassing us and pissing on the walls of your TRIMET stations just to be left to wait another half hour (if we're lucky) in the dark. Thanks for not waiting that extra 8 seconds after our bus unloaded so that we could board. Can I give my momma your dirtbag number just in case I don't come home one night? Choke on it.

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