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Chris Day

The link I put the past Bulletins on is so you can access Bulletins from 2005 to 2015.

The one that Jon addresses about binding arbitration is July 2007

Here is something that I posted on the Union Brothers and Sisters site:

Why is history important?
Here is a good article that explains:

The reason I am pointing this out is because Sister Ellen Fox pointed out how she was attempting to learn about our union history by studying our past union papers. She noticed that the archive only went back a small distances. When she attempted to get information that went back further she found herself being dismissed and not given accurate information.

Our history is important and it must be something that is questioned all the time so that we can continue to improve. Possible reasons for not allowing members to view history is to prevent members from making connections to things that have taken place and that are still taking place. When Sister Ellen Fox posted her concerns it sparked my attention and I was able to locate many of the documents she had been requesting. I in turn made these documents available for all members to view as they please. Thanks to Sister Ellen Fox I am also researching our history and finding many events in our timeline that creates questions about our union. Here is a sample timeline that brings questions to mind:

Around 2000 Ron Heintsman was our local President.

In April 2006 757 President Al Zullo posted an article (in atu757 Bulletin Vol. 107 No.7) talking about a petition that some members signed questioning our union funds. President Al Zullo states “While it is unlikely these findings will stop the false accusations and lies from being spread, we now know that there was no wrongdoing. There were no improprieties, and there was no illegal conduct. So, when these folks confront you in the future with this garbage, tell them to quit wasting your Union dues money and your Union officers’ time. The only thing this nonsense does is take up valuable time and dues money that could be better spent representing members.”

So at this point in the timeline we can establish that Ron Heintsman had been 757 President and that in 2006 Al Zullo was the current President and Jonathan Hunt was Vice President. Members were concerned that our union funds were not being handled correctly and a full investigation took place that involved 757 Executive Officers and International Officers. All investigating Officers clearly stated that our union funds were being handled correctly and that there is no evidence that supports the accusations made by the petition that members signed.

In 2007 Ron Heintsman was then ATU International Vice President and a little bEllen Foxore March of 2007 757 President Hunt at that time contacted International with concerns about union funds. Please keep in mind that Ron Heintsman, Al Zullo, and Jonathan Hunt have all been an Executive Officer for ATU757 at one point or another since 2000 to 2007. It became clear that there was something taking place and an action was in need so President Jonathan Hunt called Ron Heintsman at International for assistance.

In April 2007 (in atu757 Bulletin Vol. 108 No.6) International Vice President Ron Heintsman posted an article advising members that the 757 was in “Trusteeship” and that he was overseeing the investigation. The article states that the thEllen Foxt took place from March 2000 to July 2006 and that a total of over $441.00 was taken. Please keep in mind that if you look back at 757 Bulletin April 2006 Vol. 107 No. 7 ATU757 President Al Zullo stated that a full investigation had already taken place and no wrong doing was found yet now members are being told different. Ron Heintsman also states in the article “That hearing was conducted in front of members. Present was the International’s attorney and the presiding officer was an International Vice President who had no previous involvement with Local 757.” Yet it is not identified who the presiding Vice President is. From the article it states that Ron Heintzman is ATU757’s Trustee so I am not sure who the presiding officer other than Ron Heintzman was.

This is an example as to why our history is important to us. Ron Heintzman was ATU757 President in 2000 than in 2002 Al Zullo was President and Jonathan Hunt was Vice President. Jonathan Hunt took office July 2006 so all 3 of these men had been president during the time of the thEllen Foxt. When all the heat came on it was Ron Heintzman in charge of getting our local corrected. During this time Jonathan Hunt helped and maintained his position. I find it very odd that the men in office during the time of the thEllen Foxt were now the men in charge of the investigation.

From the April 2006 article it is clear our union as investigation issues that really should be viewed better. This is why it is important for us as members to be able to maintain and have full access to our union history. I feel that the only reason this thEllen Foxt was found was because of that petition that members started and because of that it brought attention that had to be addressed. Our members are the key to our union and assuring for accountability so it is important to have access to our history.

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