Monday, April 25, 2016

It just gets worse and worse out there

Okay rant time......tonight had a crazy passenger.....picked him up on 148th and Division and I knew I was in trouble when he said he has two complaints against Tri-met and just got out of jail. He tells me to drive him to 130th and didn't display a fare, and then proceeds to yell at two teenage girls. I pull over at 130th and tell him as nice as i can to get off my bus and he tells me to take him to 122nd or else. I say or else what and he goes nuts. he starts threatening me (never got within 5 steps of the drivers area) and refuses to leave the bus.

I call for a Supervisor and Police and of course, Supervisors are off duty/too far away. A passenger then attempts to pay his fare and he then starts to fight the passenger. all the while these two young girls are crying and asking him to leave , because he is cornering them......I am trying my hardest to not kick this dude's ass and throw him off because he knew that police were taking their sweet ass time. I gained control of the bus/situation by getting the dude to focus on me so the passengers could safely leave the bus and let him rant on the bus with I also clear off the bus, he then runs up on me and clenches his fist. Out of reflex, I step to the side and re-direct him into the dirt. Finally the police show up and he bolts, and guess what, they do nothing......
Whats the point of supervisors and transit police if they wont respond or take forever??? 5 minutes dealing with a irate, aggressive person is a long time that can get you killed.....

I have done law enforcement in the Military and on the Federal level and the reaction and response from the Police is the worst I have seen. the officer just rolled his eyes and seemed annoyed he had to respond. So what would have happened if I had to defend myself or the other passenger lost composure and kicked this guys ass??? SMH

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