Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trimet "employee" survey

Those of us that understand Trimet culture understand that there are two distinct classes of employees at the agency.

The non union employees, the ones that Mcfarlane constantly keeps telling the board that if he doesn't increase all their wages he will lose "talented" employees. (like these public transportation jobs grow on trees) 
These employees are "below market" in terms of wages and benefits.

And then there are the union employees. 
The ones he always talks about as getting "too much" and "above market" wages and benefits.
These are the employees who are not considered important at Trimet and are replaced as easily as getting a new tire.

And then they wonder why moral among union employees is so pathetic that only 20% of them bothered to respond to this survey.


Steve Fung said...

Twenty percent participation is an embarrassment.

Loki said...

If you got 40% of them to take this survey it probably would not alter the outcome. They can predict presidential elections with just 8 to 12 % of the votes counted. This is just sampling. They could have sampled just 5% and would have been a good representation. Nice to see your still around. Miss seeing you and everyone at work.

Al M said...


Nice try but the fact that 80% of Union employees REFUSED to fill out the survey is pretty telling and the report authors themselves concluded that there was a problem with the union people

There's a serious moral problem at Trimet