Monday, April 25, 2016

Chris Day

Here is a breakdown of this rerun election:
5176 Ballots was mailed out to members
2350 Members Voted and Mailed their ballots back.
1 scan was a blank paper so that is why the count says 2351
This means that 45.4% of our membership voted on this rerun election
There was 145 Challenges only 27 members on the challenge list voted and mailed back their ballots. Those ballots did not get counted. The 145 challenges are for members not in good standing that the union claims that 2 notices had been mailed to each member not in good standing. It doesn’t really matter though because 27 votes would not make much of a difference.

                The election was monitored by DOL and it was a good election. Our members had an opportunity to voice who they want to lead our union. After the vote count it is clear that our members that voted want to keep “The Team”. Those who did not vote must not have cared what direction the election took. These are the basic facts of this rerun election. I wanted our members to have the opportunity to be able to view as many facts as possible. I strongly believe in including all members and allowing them access to the important information of our union. Knowledge is what will build our union strong. When the count started I wanted our members to be informed with updates. Mary attempted to stop me from being able to do so. DOL made it clear that I was not violating any laws as long as I was only access the internet from my own devise outside of the building. All my updates had been done from my personal cell phone and was outside of the building. Knowledge is power and I will always do my best to present as accurate of information as I possibly can.

                Thank you to everyone and we do need to work on our solidarity so let’s find ways that we can make this happen. All of us are part of this union and we all should have equal voices within our union. In our union it is not US vs THEM and “The Team” is not just Shirley, Jon and Mary. When it comes to our union we should all be the team not just a selected group.

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