Friday, July 13, 2012

Comments worth considering

Dear TriMet,
Fuck off; I'll speak on whatever item because that is my public right. I know that you fear the public opinion and your board members don't want to be late for lunch, but I'm sure there are a few riders who would like to spend some of their excessive ticket money on being able to HAVE lunch. Maybe they should board your two new MAX stations (certainly not told to the public before it happened) for they can get your attention, and you can use your fare inspectors to go throw the poor ones off so it's property values can be maintained and it looks fine to the upper class. Have fun being known as the despicable people who destroyed TriMet.
You sicken me.
 Cameron Johnson - PortlandAfoot


Anonymous said...

If Trimet has 625 buses and they average 325,000 rides per weekday isn't that 520 passengers per bus per day?

If the average "Day" is 8.75hrs long isn't that about 59.42 riders per hour?

59.42 times $1.70 the average fare is $101.02 per hour per bus.

This model is profitable, there are just too many big salaried managers for it to sustain itself.


Anonymous said...

Big salaried managers are indirect ancillary labor costs. At some point one must concede enough is enough.