Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So I'm Intensely Curious

About making a scheduled 'meeting' with Beth DeHamel as she requested on the ninth. Of course, I'm not going to just go there and bow to her unquestionable logic. What I want to do is turn the tables on her.

My most base idea is to demand a compromise. I'll hear what you have to say about the budget, but by that, you have to give me answers and they better mean something, because I'm going to take those answers as gold and I'm going to make them known. Pretty much this will be an interview so you better make sure you're telling the truth. That kind of thing. It'll make em look good if they're making big promises and telling the truth, it'll show if they give half-answers and whatnot, and if they're straight up lying, smile, because you're on candid camera.

And I'd ask questions, too. I'd want to know what they're truly planning for the service cuts- when they say they're splitting the 12 and 94, will the 94 run all day? At what frequency? And what are the base ideas for next year? Any plans of putting back into the system? If so, what? If not, why? What are the plans for the Saragoza Million?

Odds are, if I traded questions with her, I'd bring an OPALite or two with me. Maybe it'd be Jared, the policy guy. I'd love for it to be Lynne and Terrence, the OITs with attitude and gumption. It'd just be nice to have someone back me up, especially since I'm apparently shaming them and all.

I don't know just how well this would go over, which is why I'm bringing this to the editing room- here. Give me some ideas! What terms do I set? And what do I do if they get accepted? I would love to turn this into my own sort of setup for OPAL to get answers. I'll be going in as a journalist, practically. :P


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I could always provide you with one of my many accoutrements!