Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's like they just don't acknowledge any sort of labor dispute going on.
They amaze me, really. These people are pro's! As much as I hate em I have to respect their ability to manipulate events. They are well aware there is a hardcore group of militants (such as myself), but they know we are a 'fringe' group without any real power hence of no real threat to anything they are doing. And they clearly control the conversation. As long as they control the conversation we can't win.

We had a great time at Celebrate Hillsboro, where we presented safety information and recruited for part-time operators. Thanks to those of you who stopped by to say hello to us.
Look at the size of this! It’s the first steel girder being placed for the Harbor structure, a part of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project. The structure will carry trains and buses over and under roadways in Portland’s South Waterfront, connecting SW Lincoln Street with the future South Waterfront MAX station. Tigard fabricator Fought and Company is making the girders, a job which helped them avoid layoffs.
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Al M said...

I'm truly just in awe of the way this company operates.
They really are unstoppable.

While they just screwed me over I know it wasn't "personal".

Those of us in organized labor are caught in the world wide movement against organized labor.

Mcfarlane just followed the template, and he has that first class propaganda department of his to keep the propaganda going.

The union can't compete against this, I sure as hell am not even a flea compared to them, they are an elephant.

And most operators are OBLIVIOUS, or they just don't care.

The power elite have succeeded in turning the population against themselves.

No force needed to make these changes, just good propaganda.

We're dead.

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Anonymous said...

It's only a part of the TriMet Marketing theme..act normal, act happy, set up white tents, show up for a few minutes, keep telling yourself "everything is fine..just fine."

It's not fine. Only a matter of time.

Al M said...


Anonymous said...

Not really. They just had a Hunt on their side.