Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I was contemplating going to the meeting tomorrow and making quite a scene but after conversations and contemplation I have come to the conclusion that the WORLD WIDE MOVEMENT TO DESTROY LABOR HAS HIT ME PERSONALLY and hereby submit my surrender to the forces of evil. If Trimet operators aren't willing to fight then its hopeless and I am wasting my effort at the sock puppet meetings.I'll consider myself lucky that I am getting anything for retirement, and who knows how long that will last now that KING MCFARLANE rules without any way of stopping him.
I've created this little video as my visualization of the break up between Trimet and it's employees and decent health care.


Anonymous said...

Never surrender, never! We voted for new leadership for a reason, "we" are still caught up in the backlash of the Hunt era. Slow or no real time communication is the problem, and it has been suggested that "we" get the information out to the areas that operators and mechanics go. It's important to change "our" union, and rebuild it from the bottom. It "can" be done. No surrender!!!!!

Al M said...

Operators till working RDO's, doing bus trades, and fills.

The operators themselves don't care, so why should I? (or you for that matter?)