Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cameron Johnson has a little chat with Beth Dehammel

And you know what? I say that because I am fed up. I'm fed up with TriMet's management and their lack of transparency and accountability, and the fact that they really don't seem to care because they have the power. But what I'm really upset about was exactly what I talked to Ms. DeHamel about when I ended the conversation between us.

"I am really disappointed that the only time those of you with power at TriMet ever bother to speak with a rider is when you are personally offended."

And I'll say this. I'm pretty offended too, Ms. DeHamel

Read his entire post  HERE!

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Anonymous said...


So disapointed and very sorry you were treated so poorly by Beth Dehamel @TriMet. It's just another indicator of how far they have fallen.

Great post by the way. Long may you run!