Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Dear leaders of this union, 
I have been wondering what “is” going on in the battle that “we” are in???  A battle, which should have started in 09”, with the end of the old contract???  Since then, this union has been silent on “all” issues of important to “all” its members.  The communications between “us” and you have been non-existent at best.  This “is” unacceptable, then and now!  I and others have said this time and again, “WHAT IS THE PLAN GOING FORWARD!!!!!”  Since the elections, “we” have not heard a single thing, from “all leadership” on any issues, other than, “MERCER (file or not to file), and ULP’s.  This really means very little (but necessary) in the bigger theme of things going forward.  Some of “us” know that these are “not” the big picture and the next CONTRACT, “is”.  This is the battle that will determine the future relationship with the company.  “What is the plan”????  Leadership “is” not mobile, leadership is quiet, leadership has no new ideas, and leadership is not willing to speak to the media and use it to “our” advantage (although I heard “your” vice president come out and say, “its total war”.  This “is” an empty attempt at best.).  What are “you” going to do??
I know that some of “you” are going to ask me “what have you done?”  I and others have taken the last pieces of information that came from “you” and posted in some of the transit center that operators frequent, so that they can read the most recent information that “you” have put out.   Some of “us” know that operators don’t always go up to the union board in their individual garages (due to long schedules of straits, split shifts and extra board work) and read the information in real time, this “is” one of the biggest negatives “we” have as a union.  So to do something different than “you”, “we” decided that everyone needs to understand, this is a different union, than the, DO NOTHING, of the past.
For the leaders that I have talked to in the past, I AM CALLING “YOU” ALL OUT!!  “We” need to rebuild this union so that “ALL MEMBERS” can be involved in, NOW and NOT LATER, when it’s too late.  No more hoping waiting, it’s July 31, 2012, August is next, “WE” ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!


Anonymous said...

Dear Leadership,
H.B. is a REASONable man, listen to REASON, REASON is calling ....

Anonymous said...

I can appreciate what H.B. writes, but reading his words are terribly painful because he places apostrophes around certain words! While I understand his need to emphasize his points, placing apostrophes around certain words does anything but.

Anonymous said...

What is painful is the inaction that HB is desribing.

An example of ATU apathy might be in your own response to HB...of all the things going on right now, this is what you choose to focus on?

Anonymous said...

Oops, Actually, I mis-typed. "Italics," not apostrophes. Frankly, I think ATU membership should contract a consulting firm to lead our local. I do not want to offend, but our local officers do not have the education necessary to run a successful business. The Union is a business. Some, like Jon, have experience, but it is from the school of hard knocks. Mechanics and bus operators running a business, especially now that we are up against TriMet, who has talented, educated, and bright people fighting ATU, escalates our need. The first piece of worthless dribble from Bruce was a cease and desist order against TriMet, telling them that they apparently do not have a right to find out if their own employees are ripping off the district! What the hell! Bruce made a total fool of himself. If fellow employees are ripping off the district, and those costs are being rolled over onto the rest of us, then TriMet should fire these people.