Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Seen on facebook:
‎12 days short of a full 20 years at Tri-met and I have decided enough is an enough so today was my last day!
Thank you Mr Mc forskin for turning the best job that I ever had into a job that I hate to get out of bed to go to. Its sad when you get ready to leave work and you check to make sure that nothing that says Tri-Met is showing because you are no longer proud of where you work and don't want people to know you work for Tri-Met for fear someone would run you down in the street

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Anonymous said...

Amen Brother. Happy retirement. Many others feel the same way.We used to feel proud of what we did and always tried to do our best for our customers. Now it has become just another shitty place to work, where we take other people to shitty jobs they hate. The workers of this country need to see when one loses we all lose.