Monday, July 30, 2012

This woman fumbled for her fare for 5 minutes

I never understood the ignorance of some of the bus riders


Anonymous said...

"I" have had riders that do this so that "I" would get fustrated with them and tell them to go sit down. Normally, since there are no SOP for this BS, "we" are to make up "our" own rules for this garbage, "I" stop at the next stop and wait till they pull it out, or ask them to wait for the next bus while they continue to fumble through their belongings, for a non-existant pass.

Anonymous said...

"You" need a vacation..! It's always tough to watch and wait while a person gathers their bus fare. I understand the pressure you feel operating safely and having to meet the timepoints on your paddle.

But--relax about this. Customers are different and will always do or say something that can drive you crazy. Be gracious and kind-it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

"All" customers know that they need their fares "before" they get on the bus, "it's posted". When they stand in the front like the picture, "if" you have to stop quickly, they may fall. You try to be nice, but most know the rule, as they have been riding the bus more than once in their lives. "We" all try to be gracious with "all" customers, but they know that they are going to catch the bus, why not get their fares out ahead of time, like 90% of riders. Usually at the 5 minute mark, they are asked to pay for another fare. And "yes" I do need a vacation, because "if" you have been driving past your probation period, you "will" get this more often, and it will be fustrating.