Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does Tom Hanks actually like the light rail?

I'm not totally convinced after watching his video:
Actually, HOLLYWOOD STARS, do all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons.
Now I ask you, would Mr Hanks really have been bothered making that little video if he wasn't asked to?
And why does he appear less than thrilled?

Tom Hanks on WhoSay


Cameron Johnson said...

Isn't that funny that the Light Rail is what we as Portland are known for? It's kind of all we have, isn't it? You'll see it on shows like House Hunters and other shows visiting Portland- they get a montage shot and one of those is ALWAYS a MAX train. Always. That's our landmark, folks. All TriMet is becoming is a historic preservation system, just trying to keep our landmark together for people like Tom Hanks to "eh, not bad" at.

Al M said...

It looked to me like he wasn't thrilled at all...seriously...

Al M said...

If light rail is the only thing Portland is known for that this city is indeed a joke.

Anybody who's been around the world (or even america) knows that there is nothing special at all about our little light rail lines!


It's the streetcars they make the big deal out of, 'how cute, how adorable, just think what this will do for our city'.

But the MAX is blasé