Monday, July 2, 2012


Welcome to Orygon, soon to be a red state, of course this is no surprise. All these gubmint careerists in this area stick together. (which is why i loved sam adams sticking it to Mcfarlane)

Look at this bullshit, everything is lovely except for those union employees who are ruining Trimet, absolutely sickening..
The assumptions that TriMet's problems are created by governance are misaimed," he said. "TriMet's problems are created by an unfavorable state law that requires their negotiations to take place in a particular way, which leads to a labor contract that ultimately is unsupportable."

Who should map out TriMet's future? | Metro news


Al M said...

Trimet workers need to shut down this place.
These fucking bureaucrats need to be shown who it is that runs Trimet.

Erik H. said...

That is an absolute JOKE of a story that is "not the opinion of the Metro Board" but is a paid writer of the Metro Board.

It's about time TriMet is disbanded, and transit become a city or county function. The only people who care about it being a regional service are the exact same people who bitch and whine about how Portland is shortchanged by the suburbs and how the suburbs are going to die and everyone lives in they ought to be fully on board. Certainly a Portland transit service (albeit, being forced to actually provide bus service out to East 170th or whatever the hell the boundary is between Portland and Gresham is) would be better than a transit agency that is forced to run from Troutdale to Oregon City.

Some argue that it'll be confusing...not anymore confusing that what we have. With a modern electronic fare system (such as those used in Los Angeles and Seattle), the same fare system is used across multiple transit providers so while you might have to pay more, you just load up a stored value card and pay for transit with a single fare medium. Even though local transit providers will have different schedules, it's no different than someone travelling from Tigard to Lents...the only difference is that the buses and trains will be painted in different colors (which, frankly isn't all that different than today).

Al M said...

I agree-TRIMET needs to be dismantled and something new needs to be commenced.

Trimet is a complete failure-to its riders, to its employees.

The only people making out like bandits are the executives.