Friday, July 13, 2012


This is some serious shit, especially since Trimet has 'retroactive' provisions in there.
I'm gone because I knew the shit was about to hit the fan and my personal despise for this agency was getting the best of me after they set up a phony complaint against me.  

But for the life of me I am surprised that most operators just don't care. Doesn't bother them in the least that their employer just took a big shit right on their heads.
But even if 20-30% of employees did honor a strike it would cause huge service disruptions.
Of course if we could get rail operators to strike we would win fast.

And I'm pissed at our union for giving away our right to strike.
At least we could have given this piece of shit management a run for their money and caused some pain.
Instead we lost by virtue of bureaucrats and the maze of rules.
It's pathetic 
It appears that the arbitrator ruled that our health benefits are out of line and he accepts Trimet's argument that if we don't get whacked the public will get whacked so he decided in the interest of the public, which is #1 on the list.

But the number of lies and distortions from Trimet in this document is astounding.
The arbitrator himself gives specific instruction on how to sue Trimet which is incredible.
I'm wondering if there was external pressure put on this man to rule for Trimet.


Rob H. said...

He just followed the law Al. Remember we all looked at the law when we were voting on the Union proposal a few months ago. I actually think I posted a link on FB. I was concerned then that EVERYBODY was in line before us according to the statute. I think we need to work with Neil to get the legislature to change the law to get us out of the arbitration class.

Anonymous said...

The Arbitrator issued his decision in protecting the best interests of the public; I do not disagree.

What is astounding is that he was specifc and direct in his admonishment of TriMet regarding their motives, false testimony, and failure to meet with intent to bargain in good faith.

Neil has already been quoted as being "estatic" regarding the Decision. I find that somewhat naïve given that the actions and methods by TriMet decribed in the full document are now exposed and certainly will be carefully scrutinized.

Anonymous said...

Top Dogs at TM encourage lying and now get rewarded for it.

Adri C said...

Well said, Al.

Al M said...

I know that something has to give on the medical.
But the way this happened to us is truly despicable and not forgivable.

Neil is lucky that greed rules the hearts of many who work at Trimet.
They wouldn't give up a penny in the interest of solidarity, hell most driver have not the slightest clue what is going on around them.

I remember I walked into Beaverton TC one day and asked a simple question.


There were 10 drivers in there AND NOT ONE OF THEM KNEW WHO HE WAS.

And that's when I realized we are doomed as a union shop.

Everybody is here for the money. A lot of these drivers never made more than $10 an hour in their whole life so they think they are in heaven.

It's the slave mentality.

Jason McHuff said...

I've been thinking about asking operators I see if they know who Neil is