Monday, July 2, 2012


Clark, who represents eastern Washington County on the TriMet board, asked for patience from transit customers.
"The matters associated with contracts for employee groups… are enormous," he said. "The community has our attention, and I would ask them to continue to remain involved and to watch how we move forward. They don't need to throw the board out with the bathwater. They have our attention – watch and see what happens. I think they'll be impressed."

Freaking hilarious, what nerve that guy has, after completely turning their back on OPAL this sock puppet has the nerve to say that? 

And of course the sock puppet blames the union for all the problems.


Anonymous said...

Get on the bus Steve. Remind Tiffany riding Portland Streecar does not count when asked if you ride on the TriMet system.

Remember Opal and it's members..then remind us again how the community has your attention.

While you and Mary work hard to explain how you are "reducing the footprint" by purchasing new office furniture, remind us again how safe, reiable & clean those old buses are. Ask yourself this question: are TriMet Operators working each and every day in a safe, healthy, positive environment?

Get on the bus Steve. Remind us to throw the Board out and keep the bathwater.

Erik H. said...

Patience? Mr. Clark wants my patience?

Mr. Clark, with all due respect, I've been riding TriMet since 1997 and as a regular, daily customer since 2003.

It's been nine years.

I've dealt with a lot of crap in those nine years.

Exactly WHAT am I waiting for? You want patience? My patience is worn out.

Maybe you'd like to hire me...and wait nine years before I perform my job for you. You can pay me a full salary - benefits, raises, etc. For nine years. Before I do my job. Do you have the patience to do that?

The patience is gone. It's time for TriMet's Board to stop pissing around. The Kumbaya song has ended - a LONG time ago. It's time to stop the empire building, stop the incessant borrowing, stop the blaming the union. RUN THE FUCKING TRANSIT SYSTEM! If you want to be an empire builder, go back to your Publisher job and take over the Oregonian. All I care about is a safe, reliable ride to and from work. How freaking difficult can that be?

Erik H. said...

And actually my first TriMet ride was back in the 1980s...albeit on a very occasional basis on MAX. First bus ride in 1994.

Jason McHuff said...

Has Steve Clark been on the board all that time? I don't see how you can blame issues on people before they had any control.

Anonymous said...


It's a typical part of the manipulation process as well as insulating yourself from accountability by blaming & pointing the fingers at skilled people who have since left the agency.

Walsh correctly focused on dismantling the "us vs them" mindset of TriMet management and, he wanted strong healthcare for employees because he recognized the tenuous and stressful environment TriMet employees were working in. Fred Hansen wanted a diverse workforce and he demanded open, honest and responsive accountabilty to employees and customers.

Don't be foolish or naive Jason. This current team of management has been around for 25-plus years. They have succeeded in moving backwards by dismmantling all the milestones previously built. This includes: safe and reliable transit service; credible ATU relationships focused on communication & resolution; maintaining a vibrant, creative and proud workforce; and prompt response to every customer we served.

Al M said...

ITS TOTAL BS, and that makes it his fault.

Anonymous said...

Jason--it's not about blame and never has been. It's about accountability.

It is very typical that unskilled managers/Board members will point the finger and place blame on TriMet's previous leadership. That happens because they are going backward not forward. The current management group has been at TriMet 25-years plus. They do not know how to answer questions that have to do with transparancy, integrity, and recent fiscal decisions.

Here are the facts:

Walsh came in and made it his primary focus to tear down the "us vs them" mentality by TriMet managers. He also moved to ensure strong healthcare for employees because he saw the demands of the job led to stress, injury, and comcerning illnesses of frontline employees. Walsh firmly beleived a healthy and vibrant workforce was a priority.

Fred Hansen came in and focused on building a work environment that was DIVERSE, TRANSPARANT, FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE, and he insisted every employee remembered our mission was to provide SAFE & RELIABLE bus and train service. Fred wanted labor relations to remain a priority and insisted we keep the lines of communication with ATU open and respectful. Fred expected employees & citizens to be involved in agency decisions.

This current group appears to have dismantled every aspect of what we worked hard to build and the environment we wanted to create for all employees.

There is nothing easy about making decisions that will affect so many people. However,that is the job. To be successful, you must not ever loose sight of your ethics, moral compass, and responsibilty to the very citizens that depend upon your service.

Erik H. said...

So, Clark should get a free pass because he's new to the Board?

What has he done to earn my patience?

What decisions has he rendered that cause me to feel that there is progress being made on TriMet's poor service?

He's done nothing. I've been around for nine years. The TriMet Board - REGARDLESS OF ITS CONSTITUENCY - has a responsibility to serve the citizens of the District. Not themselves.

He wants patience? He needs to earn it. I'm sick and tired of tired apologies and excuses. Jason - if you want to have patience, that's fine. Guess that's good for someone that can play security guard and pretend to go to work...some of us actually have a job to get to and families to come home to, it'd be nice if my hard earned taxes actually went to good service, not padding Clark's resume and McFarlane's cushy lifestyle of jetsetting to RailVolution and other places that have nothing to do with TriMet, his E-plated car, his brand new corner office with new furniture...should I go on?

Anonymous said...

I applaud and appreciate any person's line of work.

Life is too short--let up on good people like Jason.

Al M said...

Jason is in the habit of taking the opposite position from ERIK, its more about erik than about Trimet

Jason McHuff said...

So, Clark should get a free pass because he's new to the Board?

I didn't say that. I didn't say he's necessarily innocent. All I said was that it's wrong to blame him for stuff that happened before he was on the board. That's all.

And for the record, I have a job doing real work for a real paycheck. And it isn't playing security guard.

Jason McHuff said...

his brand new corner office

I believe it was one of the news clips Al posted here that said that he won't have an office; and it's not like it's going to be in a new building