Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This company has fallen so far from its original purpose it almost makes me feel like crying. I only retired a month ago and for 15 years it was policy to that all TRIMET buses WERE IN SERVICE until they get back to the garage. Riders were permitted to use dead heading buses and get off at any stop along the route or at the garage. Well apparently that has changed. Once of the bus is at the end of the line THE TAX PAYER FUNDS THE ENTIRE TRIP BACK TO THE GARAGE AND NO RIDERS ARE ALLOWED ALONG THE WAY, unless of course the driver has some ethics, which apparently is the exception now at TRIMESS.

An unethical management breeds an unethical staff

> Thank you for contacting Trimet.  I contacted bus training
> and was told once the Operator is at the end of his shift he
> does not have a responsibility to provide a ride in the
> opposite direction. 
(he didnt ask for that you morons, he asked for ride to the garage) If the Operator chose to go above and
> beyond and provide a ride it is up to his discretion to do
> so.  Trimet management would not expect the Operator to give
> you a ride once his bus is out of service.  It would be your
> responsibility to know the bus schedule.(he did know the bus schedule you fucking idiots)
> Regards,
> Jenny J
> Customer Satisfaction
> Trimet


Steve Fung said...

I guess that I broke the rules on Saturday when I brought back to Portland 2 stranded riders in Estacada on my deadhead.

Al M said...

In the new version, which is not in the regulations, its up the driver if they want to take you.

How can any ethical person stand working in a company that does everything in an unethical manner.

It's like working for the Nazi's