Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trimet HACKS conducting another PHONY 'worldwide' search

Remember the farce they pulled when they put that clown Mcfarlane in charge? They said "we are conducting a world wide search to find the best person to lead our 'gem' of a transit agency. Then they hired a capital projects guy rather than a transit guy. Just another in the long line of lies and charades they pull at Trimet. Well they're at it again, listen to some of this BS:

Portland is frequently cited as one of the best places to live in the world, and we're here to help keep it that way. Through regional partnerships and effective transportation and land-use planning, we're working to preserve the things that make this place special, like our thriving downtown, our clean air, our walkable neighborhoods and our spirit of sustainability.
Executive Director, Finance & Administration

(so much salary in our "budget stressed" environment that we don't dare list it 


Anonymous said...

Within the Transit Industry..word is TriMet on a downhill sprial since 2010. Knowledgable experienced excecs staying clear.

Al M said...

I certainly believe that. It should be obvious how bad things are here-who (except somebody that had no choice) would walk into that?

Anonymous said...

LA collegue suggested at our leadership community transit roundtable recent Portland exec hires demonstrate lack of qualified resume or experience. TriMet appears tired, highly disengaged, and politically desparate.

Erik H. said...

Portland exec hires demonstrate lack of qualified resume or experience

In other words, the classic example of being known for the "creative class", where "ideas" are more important than demonstrated, factual ability.

We don't need something that "thinks" they can run one of America's top 20 transit agencies - we need someone that "CAN" lead one of America's top 20 transit agencies. A major corporation wouldn't hire a project manager as a CEO. (I know, I've been a Project Manager in the past.) A major corporation needs someone who is well-rounded, not someone who has just one skill set.

Another good example of a company that floundered because it hired a CEO who wasn't capable of the job was AT&T Wireless - hiring a LAWYER to run the company. When the company botched a software upgrade, there was no recovery - the CEO said "we're for sale!" and thus AT&T Wireless became part of Cingular...and in a roundabout way, part of AT&T again.