Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Portland has once again become the 'talk of the industry', this time its about the amount of 'investment' that the blue line has encouraged.

Interesting this comes out after the uproar in Washington state about the Trimet light rail programs. Citizens of the greater Portland area are pretty fed up with Trimet BS cutting services but installing light rail . Can't fool the public forever.

The Blue Line — TriMet’s light rail route from Gresham to Hillsboro  — attracted the biggest real estate investments of any surface transit system in the country, according to a new study.

The study doesn't mention the decimation of Trimet bus service, nor does it mention that Trimet is bucking national trends and actually losing ridership.

Handing public money to facilitate developers is how our government has been hijacked by special interest. Trimet is no longer a transit service, but a real estate development company. Everybody involved with Trimet gets rich along the way, but the poor citizens that actually need transit eat shit, hey, its the American way. The rich get richer and the poor, well, you know how that story ends.

Study: Portland's 'Blue Line' Attracts Most Investment Of U.S. Transit Projects - WNYC

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