Friday, September 27, 2013

Virtually impossible to stop the light rail mafia

The funny thing about light rail to Vancouver is that a Vancouver to Portland connection by light rail actually does make sense. The green line, this new orange line are examples of wasting money on boondoggle projects that are not really necessary. But a light rail connection to Vancouver? Logical.  It's no surprise that there is so much resistance to it. People object to Trimet, and they have every right to do that. Trimet is a rouge agency with an obscenely overpaid executive staff than runs roughshod over everyone who opposes them. It's completely understandable why there is so much opposition to them.

The C-Tran Board of Directors on Thursday approved a hastily prepared plan to operate light rail in Vancouver as part of the Columbia River Crossing.
The 5-4 vote allows C-Tran to move forward on a set of draft agreements with TriMet under the proposed Interstate 5 Bridge replacement. That includes a plan to pay C-Tran’s annual share of financing a light rail extension to Clark College.
The vote came over strong objections by Clark County Commissioner David Madore and other CRC opponents on the board and in the audience. It also came after some confusion, as actual copies of the resolution — summarizing a proposal made public earlier this week — were passed out minutes before the vote was taken.
“I hardly know what to say. This is about the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Madore said. “Big decisions of this magnitude, this is not the way you make them.
C-Tran board approves light rail financing plan | The Columbian

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