Friday, September 27, 2013


Carole Barkley Along with more frequent service, TriMet should make sure that TransitTracker information is valid. Studies have shown that as long as buses arrive at/before their predicted times, riders’ perceptions of service will meet/exceed their expectations, and customer satisfaction will remain positive.
See "Where Is My Bus? Impact of mobile real-time information on the perceived and actual wait time of transit riders" (Watkins, Ferris, Borning, Rutherford, & Layton, 2011)

  • Anthony Miles Foster I wonder why the frequent service lines have 58% of trimet ridership. Oh yeah, it's because they are the ones that come often enough to be a viable means of getting around. The need for transit has surely increased since I started riding my publicly funded mass transit in 2003, and yet somehow today there is worse service, and more people telling me about how great it is. Portland is becoming more dense and less driveable, ( and yet our transit system is less functional that it was ten years ago with ridership still falling ( Give yourselves a pat on the back when you get service to it's all time peak without increasing the already astronomical fare. Until that time, Stop giving your Executives raises, stop spending money on PR, and for god sakes, quit bragging about the fact that you are not going to cut service or increase fares. Not increasing fares is not lost revenue as you say it is in your budget

    • Krystal Howard I think this is a joke. Supposedly the number 4 Division is already frequent service!! Every day I get off of work at 3pm and I wait between 35 and 55 mins for a bus to come that ends up being packed going downtown. There is usually another bus right behind but they won't stop if you don't get one the first bus! Often times I witness 4 or 5 going in the other direction with hardly a person on them. Yet in the mornings when I am riding from downtown the bus is packed and its the only bus that comes for a half hour. I support any changes that actually help the people of portland, so far that doesn't seem to be happening.

      • Jenna Foerster I would love if the 57 would run every 15 minutes during the day again, I am tired of waiting between 30-45 minutes for a bus because they are always late

        • Dan Goetz I'm all for increased lines and increased frequency anywhere.... but.... minimal to no love for huge sections of NE Portland?

        • Nandoah Nguyen bus 17 should come a bit faster, sometimes I have to wait for 40 mins for a bus

    • Alex Hawk March 2014? Why not NEXT DAY September, 2013? And will TriMet be restoring service on Line 12 to serve Sherwood and King City? Will TriMet be adding trips on line 94 and making it frequent service? Will TriMet be investing in high capacity buses to reduce crush load on high ridership routes? Of course not. March 2014? Give me a freakin break.
      Erik Halstead TriMet: let's be HONEST and TRUTHFUL- riders south of Tigard Transit Center still have a much larger service cut compared to other riders. We used to have 15 minute Frequent Service; now it's 45 minutes. Why does TriMet refuse to acknowledge the REAL solution is to de-interline the Barbur and Sandy lines, restore FULL FREQUENT SERVICE to King City, and purchase high capacity articulated buses (preferably hybrid electric) for this route? The 93 is false advertising at best as a "new route" and twice today I saw 93 buses simply running right in front of, or behind, a 94. What good are buses running like that? Lets stop letting Public Relations plan our system, get McFarlane to actually SEE real life transit in Tigard, and FIX THE PROBLEMS! How many years have I commented on the problems, and why is TriMet more interested in "art" and "throwback Thursday" and taking pictures of creepy people downtown?

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