Sunday, September 20, 2015

Who's making money off the Trimet? The Trimet checkbook updated for FY 2015

This is the part of Trimet that nobody ever talks about. 
The money machine! 
This is the real power of Trimet and why there are  hordes of apologists!
Lots of stuff here that I would love to have a forensic accounting of.
No 'reporters' in Portland are interested in digging up this information
I've sorted the checkbook by payees, the information on the Trimet web site is basically unreadable but luckily I have some very basic computer skills to put this stuff into a format that is meaningful


Jason McHuff said...

Neil got a total of $9781.68 (I'm guessing as reimbursement for business things he purchased himself) and Jeffrey Ackerson got $61.50 (I'm guessing maybe as a pay correction or related to his time spent on union activities)

Al M said...

Hey Neil needed that extra 10k!
He's the greediest mutha fuka since fast freddie

David Christensen said...

Are you saying someone is pocketing money from Trimet? What is your contention? They are making more then they say? They are reporting the wrong amount and putting money into something else? Don't be so veg. You looked into it and you think what? You know I am rooting for you here but found no substance to get behind.

Al M said...

Crony capitalism is perfectly legal.