Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Controversy at C-Tran

The latest union in-fighting has to do with a C-Tran union rep that was fired by C-Tran. 
The union leadership contends that the firing was politically motivated (yes that does happen) so they continue to recognize the rep even though he was 'fired'. 
The union bylaws state that a union officer cannot hold office if they are not an employee of a transit company represented by the union. 
The union executive officers contend that this firing was unjust and to dismiss this union rep would be allowing the company to set a precedent of intimidation for future union representatives.

 There are members of ATU757 that say the bylaws must be strictly adhered to.
And so it goes, another day at ATU757


busman said...

I hope hes doing it for free and the union isnt paying him anything because he has no job he is losing wages from.

Jason McHuff said...

If a representative is wrongly fired, especially if their union activity played a part, it does create a conundrum. Is there someone else who can step up and take over the duties?