Monday, October 12, 2015

Sorry, Trimet has ruined your neighborhood

Well, Lots of us told these people there lives were gonna be ruined by this project. Nobody listened to stop the monster-KOIN reports


Jason McHuff said...

Having more cars parked on the street may be an issue, but it doesn't "destroy" a neighborhood. It's not like the street was turned into a highway. And SE 27th appears to have enough width for both parked and moving cars. Plus, the Orange Line is big benefit, especially since Line 33 never stopped at Bybee and the 19 is slow and started very late on weekends.

To the extent that the residents don't want their streets to require parking permits, they have nothing to complain about. They can't on one hand refuse to pay for something or accept a solution and on the other complain about the problem. It's not "their" (private, personal) parking.

That being said, I'd love to know where the drivers are coming from and whether there's any way they could bike to the station (there's good bike parking along the line) or transfer to the 19.

Al M said...

You're not a home owner Jason so you really wouldn't get it

One day u have a nice tranquil neighborhood the next day every space in front of your home is taken by strangers.

It's a disaster for the people living there