Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trimet-heartless and souless

A bus driver witnessed a very traumatic event (a person got killed crossing the road) during his work-shift and as Trimet always do they encouraged him to continue working. 
So the driver continued working but finally felt too sick to his stomach to continue.
 Trimet marked the driver off and charged him with TIME LOSS.  
(trimet drivers are only allowed so many hour of time off from work per year before disciplinary procedures begin) 
The next day the driver was still a nervous wreck and hadn't slept all night due to the event of the previous day. 
He  attempted to call off but  was told by the station agent that if he called off he would not get paid for the holiday as it was a long weekend.
 So the driver came in to work and drove his bus having no sleep the night before. How does this meet the following Trimet slogan:

  safety is a fundamental value and a priority in all aspects of work. 

Obviously little slogans have no basis in reality at Trimet

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