Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trimet lift driver makes impassioned plea to the sock puppets


Al M said...

The second clip was made 3 years ago to these sock puppets

Jason McHuff said...

First of all, I asked and David Bragdon agrees that TriMet has poor governance and thinks that having Metro appointing the board would be better.

Second, I don't see how it couldn't be better if LIFT was done in-house. First Transit has to have its own supervisors, dispatchers, human resources, managers, mechanics, facilities, etc, plus generate profit to send to the UK. TriMet already does all of these things and could achieve economies of scale by also providing them to LIFT. I don't see why a TriMet supervisor couldn't also investigate LIFT incidents.

If TriMet's worry is that the union will want higher pay/benefits for LIFT drivers, then they should make long-term agreement that keeps things the same and maintains the right to contract out in exchange for bringing things in house.

Al M said...

You're absolutely right Jason but Trimet executives being of very suspicious character like that they can oppress union workers and then passing the buck to First Transit. Anytime there is a problem those scum suckers that call themselves Trimet executives can say "it's not our problem"

Expecting Trimet executives to do the right thing is foolish. When have they done the right thing?