Saturday, October 24, 2015

Great moments in Trimet history

Dan Christensen's TRIMET CONFIDENTIAL blog which was shut down by Trimet after he wrote a figurative short story called KILL THIS BICYCLIST.
 It was clearly fiction.
 What happened to Dan was even more outrageous than what had ever happened to me.
After all Dan was PORTLAND'S MOST LOVED BUS DRIVER (curiously enough there is no record at Willamette Week of the story that mentions him ) and if anyone actually thought that his short story was literal  they aught to have their head examined. 

Make a long story short Trimet stripped Dan of his freedom of Speech and made him remove the Trimet Confidential Blog. 
I fully used my blog to support Dan against this tyranny!

All that material has been lost and that was a truly great blog full of original writing by Dan Christensen

This was truly one of the GREAT MOMENTS  IN TRIMET HISTORY!

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