Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sore losers at ATU757

The losers of the last ATU757 election are still pushing for a new election unfortunately. I don't think it takes a particularly high IQ to come to the conclusion that if the election was repeated the results would be the same given the percentages of the final vote. But that never stops the losers from trying to change outcomes. It seems to go with the union politics, there are no 'good losers'.

I personally think its ridiculous but I know how ATU757 members are. With ATU757 members its all about personality and zero about facts. If your not  liked  nothing you can ever say or do will make those people  come around to your point of view. 

So here's your chance ATU757 members to either lay this turkey to rest or waste more union funds having another election.

10/12: Charter Meeting, 6:30 pm, AFL CIO, 3645 SE 32nd Avenue, Portland
10/13: Day Meeting, 10:00 am, Schoppert Hall, 1801 NE Couch Street
10/13: Salem/MV, 7:30 pm, Salem Senior Center 50+, 2615 Portland Road NE, Salem
10/14: First Student Corvallis, 10:00 am, 2605 NW 13th Street, Corvallis
10/14: Lane Transit District, 7:00 pm Woodworkers Local Lodge, 1124 South A, Springfield
10/15: First Student/PPS, 6:00 pm, PPS Student Transportation, 716 NE Marine Drive, Portland
10/16: Bend Area/COIC, 7:00 pm, Jake's, 2210 US-20, Bend
10/17: Valley Transit, 10:30 am, WSDOT Mtce Bldg, 1210 G Street Walla Walla
10/17: RVTD, 4:00 pm, Bobbio's, 2105 Roberts Road
10/18: TCTD, 1:00 pm, Alice's Restaurant, 17345 Wilson River Hwy, Tillamook
10/18: CTRAN, 6:00 pm, 2121 NE Andresen, Vancouver

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