Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Line 99 info not fully updated correctly

Near the beginning of this month, TriMet Line 99 began using its new route, traveling over the Sellwood Bridge and on Macadam Ave. However, not all information on was updated correctly.

First of all, the base tiles on the Interactive Map have Line 99 icons along the old routing, even though the new routing is highlighted when you select Line 99 in the TriMet Routes menu:

In addition, the Turn-by-turn route description page still describes the old routing:

The route page also seems to, and mentions "inner SE Portland" even though I'm not sure Line 99 has ever stopped there:

Also, there is a discrepancy between the route map which shows Clackamas Community College-bound buses taking the Ross Island Bridge access to get from SW 1st & Arthur to SW Kelly & Gibbs, and the Interactive Map which shows buses taking 1st to Corbett:

It appears that the Interactive Map is wrong since at 1st & Arthur Line 99 is listed as using Stop ID 9397, which serves buses turning left:

Lastly, the service change page implies Line 99 had used the Sellwood Bridge in the past.  This is incorrect, it was Lines 40 and 65.