Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trimet General Manager report-December


Jason McHuff said...

How many times is he going to take off and put on his glasses?

As for MAX announcements, I think they may not have wanted the operator to get off and go to the back car.

And the riders weren't stuck for 4 hours. The evacuation was done about 2 1/2 hours after the train stopped, and train made it to the next platform about 45 minutes after that.

When they do an operator swap, I'm not sure it affects on-time stats as the trains have already been running in their slots. I believe at least some times, the trains will have been programmed with the other operator's train number beforehand.

It would be interesting to know how on-time stats are calculated when there's a train running in a schedule slot but it is not the one that should be. To riders it doesn't really matter as they only want a train at a certain time, and not necessarily the set of cars and operator that was planned internally to do the trip.

On hiring, what matters is retention. It doesn't matter if someone takes the job if they don't stay.

Al M said...

It was four hours stuck!