Friday, December 9, 2016

Trimet union employees eat shit

I've listened to Chris Day.
 I've read posts from Dan Christensen, Tom Horton and Evette Farra, all people that I have tremendous respect for. 
I've spent additional time thinking about the issue.
And I've come to a different conclusion as to why we union members are in the mess we are in now.


People are complaining and whining "we can't get heard" "our voices are silenced" "we need a new union".

It's all bullshit. 
The union employees of Trimet, primarily the bus drivers have no interest in acting together as a group. 
When it comes to sacrificing even the smallest thing people that talk the talk refuse to walk the walk.
They are chicken-hawks.

When we were going through our first contract dispute the union asked drivers to stop working RDO's. 
Did they do that? Hell no! 
That would hurt their paychecks and no way were any of those people going to sacrifice their paychecks for the good of the group.

Did drivers "work to the rules" to slow down service in an act of solidarity?

When I filed my suit for road relief pay, I couldn't get anybody to be a plaintiff along with me except my little circle of activists. 
Everybody else was scared. 
"We're gonna get fired" they all said.

Then when the settlement was reached this bunch chicken hawks had the gall to complain.

Sorry Dan, Chris, and Evette, you're all wrong. 
Changing the union leadership or union structure is not going to do a  damn thing. 
The Trimet union employees, primarily the bus operators, are only in it for themselves.
 They couldn't care less about the group as a whole.

Stop blaming the union leadership for the chicken hawks that make up the Trimet membership. Y'all only have yourselves to blame for the mess we are in. 
Not Jon, Not Shirley, Not Ron, Not Bruce, nope

BLAME YOURSELVES because in this case its true.

The man in this picture is not our pal.
He is hell bent on our literal destruction, yet the employees all accept him like he's part of "the group"
This is a visual example of why we are sunk as a group.