Friday, March 3, 2017

Abusing operators for nothing

 It appears he got to the end point "early" but that's the end of his route anyway.

 He made all of the timepoints and got to "the end" early and some white shirt is saying that's some sort of violation.

That's an absurdity. Beyond absurdity. That's the kind of nonsense Trimet operators put up with.


Steve Fung said...


Chris Day said...

What bothers me is that currently there is a concern that assaults on operators are increasing and having Road Sups (white shirts) get on a bus here and there could help reduce possible assaults yet it appears that it is more important that Road Sups hide parked away in their car somewhere so that they can record time points. If Road Sups have time to sit around checking time points they have time to jump on a few busses. Busses rarely get Road Sups or Police just coming on and doing a quick walk through. I feel that would help by having it known that Police and Road Sups are in the area and watching.