Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sock puppets meeting tomorrow

This has the potential to be a really great meeting with some real activists showing up to express their dissatisfaction with the way McFarlane is handling public funds over there.

First there are the bicyclists, who are livid that the regional transit agency is advocating for expanding the highways. 

Then there are the OPAL activists who are livid that Mcfarlane is building an $11 million police station but refuses to fund a discount low income pass.

I'm really looking forward to the entertainment. 
I'm sure we all know you can testify till you're blue in the face it doesn't make any difference to Mcfarlane, his sock-puppets, or all the other conspirators who want this money. 
But I always enjoy the show! 

The main business of the sock puppets is to hand out the Trimet corporate welfare checks.
Trimet, who won't even post these meetings on their facebook or twitter sites, likes to keep their corporate welfare hidden away from the public's eyes.

But I, a dedicated Trimet blogger, am keeping my eyes on these bozo's!

Watch the meeting live on YouTube

So lets see what's going on tomorrow 

1-I was unaware the the Trimet board had to approve service changes but apparently they do.

2-Mcfarlane is stealing $341,000 out of the operations budget and giving it to Randy Stedmen's union busting department for "professional development".
 Less money available for extra board more money for bullshit.
Good job Neal you hack.

3-The so called "BAN THE BOX" which is some sort of neoliberal "feel good" type of action which says you can't ask whether a person has been convicted of a crime on a job application.
It's very humorous since nobody really  knows what Trimet uses for screening procedures for their employees. 

4-The pension board needs someone new on it. Interesting that Mcfarlane's old pal Dave Auxier is still on that board.

5-Trimet needs to appoint some people to its new SECTION 457 retirement plan board.
This is the new retirement for employees who all missed out on the defined pension plan which Trimet used to offer before neoliberalism took over the world.

6-You're probably aware that the lucky people and businesses that get contracts with Trimet are not bound by the contract.
They can come back as many times as they want and ask for more money.
The interesting part is that this is related to the flood that happened on OCTOBER 31, 2015!
They want another $300,000 and Trimet being Trimet hands over the money when requested.
Why is it taking so long to fix this?

I've already gone over this in a separate blog post.

Does it even need it?
Trimet says it does, to the tune of $1.6 million.
This is actually another change order, they want more money as they all do.
Trimet is handing them another $150,000.
Hey, why not, its tax money!

9-Trimet does love its INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY.
Yes they do.
Not only do they have an overstaffed IT department but here we have  a CONTRACT totaling $4 million dollars over four years to improve aquisition strategy.
WOW, just WOW

10-Oh lordy lord, this one takes the cake.
Mcfarlane wants the board to give him total power to select someone to conduct an
It's called "E3", Engage-Empower-Expand.
Lord save us from the hubris of these people.

11-Last but not least its time for the TRIMET WHITE ELEPHANT to purchase new trains.
It's at a bargain price of $1.5 million!
Shipping included!
God save us all!

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