Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trimet security is FAIL

Forwarded to me from a current bus driver:

Hey Al something happened that made me a little mad and I wanted to forward it to you. The following is my report on Trimet Security. 

"Trimet uses paid for security to keep an eye on things and to help with general security needs. One of the important days for security is St. Patricks day when drunk people are trying to get home on transit.

Tonight I witnessed our crack security at work. Three of them at Gateway. Sat inside in the bus drivers break area and did nothing for hours. Oh they did go out for smoke breaks but they were not standing out being seen. 

A woman driver came in and complained about youths climbing on the fences where the busses drive but the security guards did nothing. Other drivers coming in with lunches had to eat them in their bus because they  were crowded out by security. 

Now I don't mind sharing facilities with security and Police but I don't like sharing facilities with people doing nothing but looking at their cell phones and reading. 

With all the drivers bring assaulted maybe we could start with making sure the hired security is doing more."

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Former Field Rail/Bus Supervisor said...

This is nothing new. If this is Wakenhut, then they have been doing this since the first day of their hire. When I was a supervisor out at Gateway for several years they would sit in there (operators shack) for hours and even park or store their bikes in there as well. No one had a place to sit. It is a small room anyway. This is a waste of money then and now. They have no authority then and maybe even less now. They remind me of the commercial of the bank robbery and the security guy says Oh I am not a Security Officer I am a Security Advisor and I am advising there is a bank robbery. These guys most likely have the same authority. Wakenhut needs to find a different place for them to roost.